Bhai Prem Foundation is a registered trust working to serve humanity. It was established in 2014 in the memory of Shri Prem Kumar who passed away in road accident in 2013. Bhai Prem Foundation helps provide quality and affordable education for underprivileged; irrespective of religion, race and nationality; for the social, moral, cultural and economic development of human kind. It also work for the education, health, skill development and overall social development of the country.


Bhai Prem Foundation is a public institution, which has been working towards serving the poor and downtrodden sections of the population in the many state since its inception. Its working area is concentrated in states of India.

Amidst the population it works, Bhai Prem Foundation has been relentlessly struggling towards achieving its cherished goal and objectives with innovations trying to exhibit to the world community how to transform the hopes and aspirations of the downtrodden sections of the community into realities. Its approaches in planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of activities and the management style has always been embedded with effective leadership, innovation and participation. It moves on right based strategies. Over the years, it has not only grown in size, in terms of area coverage but also been armed with efficient project staff, youth volunteers and women workers at village level; enhancing its enormous capacity to handle multiplicity of activities. So far, it has proved its potential in lead. Bhai Prem Foundation aims at inculcating the sense of self-reliance among the community villagers, so that they could be able to build up the foundation of classless and exploitation free villages following the principles of truth and non- violence as envisaged by Mahatma Gandhi. Further, it aspires to motivate the community to seek their individual interests within the ambit of community or social development and to guide their material or physical desires through spiritual ideas/wisdom so that they could achieve self-reliance in managing their abilities and resources for their well-being in the fields of education, health, economic, culture and environment with special emphasis on these issues.


To motivate people; make them aware; organize and catalyze to augment a self-initiating process wherein they can be the best judge of their own course of actions which suit their ability and societal conditions, and help them achieve their desired goals.


  • To promote health, education and skill development of poor and needy
  • To support the overall development of the community
  • To promote harmony of country and its people
  • To help build the capacity of its community members and other stakeholders

The organization adopts following strategies:

  • Community/People’s participation at grassroots level;
  • Sharing people’s knowledge/experiences in planning, implementing and monitoring of welfare activities;
  • Generating awareness among weaker sections on critical issues and proposing suggestions for their solutions;
  • Execution of the development programmes under the direct supervision of the people’s committees.
  • The BHAI PREM FOUNDATION plays the role of a facilitator or a catalyst. It also acts as a watchdog.